20 Apr 2016

Manjaro GNOME 16.04 Development Edition Released With GNOME 3.20

Manjaro GNOME developer Stefano Capitani announced the release of Manjaro GNOME 16.04 Development Edition.

Hi community  :D , the new ISO of future Gnome 16.06 is out . Is called 16.04-Dev because released now and based on our unstable branch  >:D  ( If you want you can switch in the stable or testing branch of course  :) ) and minimal because size is almost around 1gb  ::)
See screenshot but nothing change .. only the theme now vertex-maia-theme ( all dark ) and maia-square icon ( thank you at my friend oberon (Bernhard) to hard work and at Rob ( also you are my friend  ;) ) to create the skel for manjarification (vertex-theme  ^-^ )

There were official screenshots included into the post:

5cnktv.jpg 143eu1e.jpg dypqif.jpg

Not much has changed since the last update and release.

Included in the update were:

Plymouth gnome theme by oberon
mediaplayer indicator
removable drive menu
and little else

You can download the ISOs https://sourceforge.net/projects/manjarodev/files/users/Ste74/Gnome/Dev/

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19 Apr 2016

WATCH: Inspiring TEDx Talk On Computer Science Education

Ashley’s talk shines a light on the major problem that is American Computer Science education. In 2020, 1.4 million new jobs will be available for those with competing backgrounds, but we’ll only have engineers to fill two-thirds of them.

Ashley shows us how we can right this wrong.

Ashley Gavin is a computer science education consultant with a passion for making computer science curricula empowering, accessible, and above all, fun.

Her work in curriculum and program development serves as the foundation for some of the finest educational organizations in the country including her brainchild “Girls Who Code”.

During high school, Ashley was actively interested in tech. However, she was denied access to computer science courses at her school due her failing grades in math and science.

In her senior year, the newly appointed CS teacher noticed her affinity for tech and took a risk by letting her drop math and take computer science instead.

Ashley has since been working to do so for as many students as possible, especially those in underrepresented groups.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx

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18 Apr 2016

Ubuntu Mate 16.04 To Be a LTS, Receives Three Years of Support

Just three days before the release of Ubuntu Mate 16.04 update, there was an announcement on their official Twitter account.

The tweet read:

Yah! Just got this email: “Application granted for a 3 years LTS for Ubuntu MATE.”

That means we’re looking at receiving Ubuntu Mate 16.04 updates all the way through 2019. Being as MATE is one of Ubuntu’s most popular flavors, this is great news for many users.

Ubuntu MATE 16.04 is the most anticipated major update for the Ubuntu Mate operating systems.

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17 Apr 2016

WATCH: Hadi Partovi Explains How Computer Science is For Everyone

This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences.This persuasive talk shows how essential and easy it is to gain a basic understanding of computer science learning principles.

Our world increasingly driven by technology and software, so we all need to know the creative, problem-solving power of computer science.

This is especially important to students who will lead the way in our shared future. Learn how you can take the next step at http://code.org .

Hadi Partovi learned computer science so he could have games to play on the computer his father gave him (a Commodore 64) when he was 10 years old in Iran.

Since then he has worked as computer programmer and also as an entrepreneur, investor, and as co-founder of Code.org, a nonprofit dedicated to growing computer science education in the US and worldwide.

Hadi has been Microsoft’s Group Program Manager for Internet Explorer, was General Manager of MSN.com where he helped deliver 30% annual growth and MSN’s only year of profit.

He was on the founding teams of Tellme and iLike. As an angel investor and startup advisor, Hadi’s portfolio includes Facebook, Zappos, Dropbox, airbnb, OPOWER, Flixster, Bluekai, TASER, and many others.

Partovi explains in depth just why the computer science and technology industry needs more women and young children involved and how it will be foundational to any job within the next 30-40 years.

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16 Apr 2016

OpenSUSE Tumbleweed Users to Get KDE Plasma 5.6.2

Dear Tumbleweed users and hackers,

It seems to be difficult in the last weeks to find really interesting new features to write about. The fact that Plasma 5.6 and GNOME 3.20 are already available takes a lot of wind out of the sails. So a request to all of you: keep the things coming 🙂

– Dominique Leuenberger, openSUSE team.

Noteworthy updates:

* Plasma 5.6.2
* XChat has been replaced by hexchat
* KDE Framework 5.21.0
* Mesa 11.2.0

The GNOME 3.20.1 desktop environment update should be landing in the openSUSE repositories early next week. Along with the GLibC 2.23 library and Linux kernel 4.5.1.

It’ll be wise to keep your openSUSE updated from here forward due to many components receiving updates and more.


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14 Apr 2016

Watch ‘CODEGIRL’ On Netflix, Get Inspired to Learn To Code And Make a Difference

Join high school aged girls from around the world as they try to better their community through technology and collaboration in this thrilling, heartfelt documentary.

By 2017, the app market will be valued at $77 Billion. Over 80% of these developers are male.

The Technovation Challenge aims to change that by empowering girls worldwide to develop apps for an international competition. From rural Moldova to urban Brazil to suburban Massachusetts, CODEGIRL follows teams who dream of holding their own in the world’s fastest-growing industry.

The winning team gets $10K to complete and release their app, but every girl discovers something valuable along the way.

You can stream ‘CODEGIRL’ directly on Netflix or Itunes Movies, the film is a mustwatch for anyone interesting in technology and a life/career in STEM, especially young women.

You can also find out more about Technovation and it’s founders via their website.


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13 Apr 2016

Watch this TED Talk About Teaching Your Kids About Computers

Linda Liukas is a Finnish computer programmer, children’s writer and programming instructor. In 2014, her Hello Ruby coding book for children raised $380,000 on Kickstarter becoming the platform’s most highly funded children’s book.

Computer code is the next universal language, and its syntax will be limited only by the imaginations of the next generation of programmers.

Linda Liukas is helping to educate problem-solving kids, encouraging them to see computers not as mechanical, boring and complicated but as colorful, expressive machines meant to be tinkered with.

In this talk, she invites us to imagine a world where the Ada Lovelaces of tomorrow grow up to be optimistic and brave about technology and use it to create a new world that is wonderful, whimsical and a tiny bit weird.

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13 Apr 2016

Steam OS 2.68 ‘Brewmaster’ Beta

SteamOS 2.68 Brewmaster Beta comes only three weeks after the previous Beta version 2.67, which added fixes to the built-in PulseAudio sound server and the GRUB bootloader.

This update follows Debian 8.4 ‘Jesse’ update and will be rebased upon it.

SteamOS now brings a new version of the APT package manager.

The announcement for 2.68:

A handful of minor updates to sync with the Debian 8.4 release[www.debian.org] and the usual collection of security fixes.

Remember to keep in mind that this is a Beta version of SteamOS and not the official release.

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12 Apr 2016

Linux Kernel 4.4.7 Available For Update Now

The Linux kernel 4.4.7 is the seventh point release and the latest and most advanced LTS Linux kernel branch for GNU/Linux OS.

Linux Kernel Developer Greg Kroah Hartman announced:

“I’m announcing the release of the 4.4.7 kernel. All users of the 4.4 kernel series must upgrade,”

“The updated 4.4.y git tree can be found at: git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/stable/linux-stable.git linux-4.4.y and can be browsed at the normal kernel.org git web browser: http://git.kernel.org/?p=linux/kernel/git/stable/linux-stable.git;a=summary.”

There were multiple improvements to the x86 hardware architectures, as well as to the Xtensa, s390, IA64, ARC, ARM, and SH (SuperH) ones, and fixes to the FUSE, NFS, JBD2, OCFS2, and XFS filesystems.

You can download Linux Kernel 4.4.7 right now directly from the kernel.org website. It is noted that users should update as soon as possible by Hartman.

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11 Apr 2016

Unity Tweak Tool Makes For moving Launcher in Ubuntu 16.04 Easier

Canonical will finally allow Ubuntu users to move the Unity Launcher to the bottom of the screen.

The feature was added in to Ubuntu from an idea by the developers.

Unity Tweak Tool 0.0.7 was pushed a few hours ago to the Ubuntu 16.04 LTS repositories, and the new “move launcher horizontally” setting, which is called “Position,” was implemented in the Launcher section, under “Appearance.”

Here is a screenshot of the Unity Tweak Tool as well as the Unity Launcher at the bottom.


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