21 May 2016
20 May 2016

The End of Pinguy Linux?

In an announcement made by Pinguy Developer, it was announced that they were thinking of putting an end to the project due to the cost of maintaining it.

Thinking about killing off Pinguy OS. It is costing me more to run than I get from the project. The project is a sink hole.

For the last 12 months I have been personally financing the project to keep it afloat.

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The project isn’t self-financing anymore. I thought Pinguy-Builder would help fund the project, but it hasn’t helped. 120hrs to produce Pinguy-Builder/fork Remaster was a complete waste of time.

I even tried doing a bounty for elementary OS to keep the project afloat, but they don’t pay out: http://i.imgur.com/hv9aG6D.jpg
(right click open in new tab for full view)

I loved making Pinguy OS and interacting with the open source projects and helping them, but at some point you have to call it a day.

At least I have made a difference. Bodhi, Linux Lite, elementary OS and Budgie Remix I had a hand in helping getting them started.


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19 May 2016
17 May 2016

What’s New In Ubuntu Kylin 16.04

Ubuntu Kylin 16.04 LTS was officially released as part of Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Official Flavors. it introduces many enhancements, updated components, new tweaks and under-the-hood optimizations, as well as a brand-new Unity 7.4 design with the Launcher placed at the bottom of the screen, by default.

Powered by the same long-term supported kernel as Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, Linux 4.4, Ubuntu Kylin 16.04 is also an LTS release supported for five years with critical security fixes and software updates.


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16 May 2016

WATCH: Find Out What’s New In Cinnamon 3.0

Cinnamon 3.0 is the latest release of Cinnamon Desktop Environment and it will become as default desktop for upcoming Linux Mint 18 codenamed “sarah”.

Cinnamon 3.0 comes with multiple new features, among which we can mention an option that lets users display or hide the favbox in the Menu applet, the addition of new default application buttons, as well as support for displaying the panel-launchers actions.

The Sound settings have been rewritten in Python, and there’s a custom page that shows users when there’s no input devices available or if any apps are now playing.

Additionally, the Sound panel received a custom settings box that should prevent the sound effects dialog to be opened in a very tall window.

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15 May 2016
14 May 2016

Linux Distro To Try: Linux Lite


Linux Lite is a beginner-friendly Linux distribution based on Ubuntu’s long-term support (LTS) release and featuring the Xfce desktop. Linux Lite primarily targets Windows users. It aims to provide a complete set of applications to assist users with their everyday computing needs, including a full office suite, media players and other essential daily software.

The latest announcement read:

Linux Lite 2.8 Final is now available for download. The star of this release is the inclusion of the Hardware Enablement Stack 3.19 based Kernel offering greater hardware support. We’ve also included a host of new features including, BTRFS support during install, the Help Manual is now accessible from the Desktop, Hulu now works out of the box, and the usual compliment of community suggestions and bug fixes.

During this development cycle, the open source software community lost a pioneering visionary. Linux Lite dedicates this release in honor, and to the memory of Ian Murdock, founder of Debian.

Download Linux Lite here: https://www.linuxliteos.com/download.html


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13 May 2016

WATCH: Is Computer Programming Hard To Learn


The most incredible video about Programming !


Launched in 2013, Code.org® is a non-profit dedicated to expanding participation in computer science by making it available in more schools, and increasing participation by women and under-represented students of colour.

Our vision is that every student in every school should have the opportunity to learn computer science.

We believe computer science and computer programming should be part of the core curriculum in education, alongside other science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) courses, such as biology, physics, chemistry and algebra.

Code.org increases diversity in computer science by reaching students of all backgrounds where they are — at their skill-level, in their schools, and in ways that inspire them to keep learning.

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13 May 2016

Rick Johnson of WJOL | Web Video Realty

Rick Johnson of Web Realty shared some good information today on the benefits of digital targeted advertising. As a marketing guru and Account Executive at the local radio station, WJOL, Rick Johnson has extensive knowledge on how to drive traffic and customers to your business. Mr. Johnson explained how radio is a very important means of marketing that shouldn’t be overlooked. This creates a huge opportunity for local businesses to have a traditional and ever growing way to promote their business. Mr. Johnson explained how radio is something that is easily consumed in the car and that many people still tune into radio than one would think.

“What do people do while they are in the car?”

“How often are people in the car?”

These rhetorical questions asked by Mr. Johnson really helped to set the tone on how important radio is to anyone’s budget. Rick Johnson also explained new targeted digital advertising which was just amazing. This new service allows you to follow your customers with geo-fencing technology. This technology allows you to target an ad at specific customers when they enter specific geographical areas. Targeted digital advertising also allows you to utilize information collected about your potential clients, so that you can target them at the right time in the right place. Like on a specific website, or app, at a specific time, on a specific date. While the service seems very invasive, it is highly effective and allows you to make significant income while also being a better option than some PPC services.

Mr. Johnson is also into commercial and residential real-estate in the Shorewood Plainfield area. His realestate business can be reached at:


Casanova is currently discussing SEO and social media signaling with Mr. Johnson’s company. We highly Recommend that you reach out to Mr. Johonson!

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12 May 2016

WATCH: The Next Web

20 years ago, Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web. For his next project, he’s building a web for open, linked data that could do for numbers what the Web did for words, pictures, video: unlock our data and reframe the way we use it together.

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