12 May 2016

Becki Hackett of Mary Kay | Shorewood Illinois

Becki Hackett of Mary gave an excellent presentation today on the products of her Mary Kay business. Becki provided great information on the changing laws for UV protection and sun screen. She stated:
“Every time the laws change, Mary Kay changes their policies and procedures right away to be in compliance”
Becki Hackett had a string of products that she showcase, allowing everyone in attendance to learn more about their beauty and wellness needs. Becki Hackett spoke with Casanova Information Services about web design and SEO and how much of an impact they can have on any business.
If you are in the market for beauty and wellness products, be sure to contact Becki Hackett of Mary Kay.
Becki Hackett can be reached via her website at:

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11 May 2016

Linux Distro To Try: Rebellin Linux OS

The Rebellin Project was started by Utkarsh Sevekar to create a reliable, fast and secure Linux based Operating System. Rebellin Operating System is based on Debian GNU/Linux – the universal operating system. Rebellin therefore brings with it all the Debian goodies and a host of additional features.

The latest update announcement for Rebellin Linux was released on May 9th, 2016 and read:

Building a stable system on Debian Sid that’s reliable for day to day usage is hard. It took me quite a while this time. But I’m immensely happy with the result. Here’s Rebellin Linux v3. With the latest and greatest software from Debian. It’s fast, reliable and got all you need for a great multimedia experience.

List of updates:

  1. Gnome Shell upgraded to v3.20
  2. Mate Version upgraded to v1.12
  3. Kernel upgraded to v4.5
  4. SMXI scripts integrated
  5. Infinality Font Rendering Patches
  6. Droid Fonts added
  7. Improved theme for the Mate version
  8. Bluetooth support added to Mate version (It was previously missing! Silly me.)
  9. Plenty of package and driver updates
  10. Rebellin Manual with great beginner friendly tutorials available free of cost.

Some changes:

  1. Gnome terminal replaced by terminator. This enhances Gnome Shell stability. Gnome Terminal is buggy and results in system freeze.
  2. Totem replaced by VLC. Redundant software removed for building a lighter product.
  3. GDM3 replaced by LightDM. GDM3 was problematic during the build process. Resulted in blank screen on start up. LightDM works fine.


Download Rebellin here: https://therebellin.com/download-rebellin-linux/

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10 May 2016

WATCH: You Should Learn To Program!

Christian is an SMU President’s Scholar majoring in Computer Science with a premedical specialization. He has an affinity for tech startups, a knack for Web development, and a fascination with the rapid progress of technology and its implications on the future of human society. Christian is on a mission to inspire the world to learn to program.

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10 May 2016

Jodi Knows Homes visits Casanova | SEO | Web Design 

Jodi Heifner-Divierto of “Jodi Knows Homes” visited Casanova last week. We had an extensive conversation about realestate, SEO, and web design. We even discussed some new technological developments in the Augmented Reality space and how that will affect the realestate market. 

Check out Jodi’s website at: http://www.jodiknowshomes.com
Augmented reality provides many visual aids and supplemental information for realtors to provide to potential buyers. Imagine holding your phone up to a beautiful cabinet in a home and getting a video or other information on the cabinet. Or even holding your phone up to a yard sign and watching a 360 video and tour of the inside of the home!

We also discussed SEO and how important it is to the real estate market. Contracting a seo marketing company provides any business owner, especially a realesate agent, the ability to get their information in front of their customers online. 

It appears to be a seller’s market in the Naperville-Plainfield-Oswego and Will county area. If you are looking to sell your home contact Jodi at her website:


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09 May 2016

Linux To Try: AryaLinux


AryaLinux is a source-based Linux distribution inspired by LFS/BLFS. AryaLinux use bash scripts for building the entire distribution ground up. As of now, AryaLinux has Mate and XFCE spins as the supported desktop environments but support for other desktops is in progress.

One might wonder what might be the need to compile an Operating system from scratch and not use an existing one, especially since there are hundreds of thousands of Linux and their variants out there and there are doing a great job.

Well other than learning how a Linux system works internally(which BTW is the reason why most of us try LFS), one reason why AryaLinux exists in because when you build your own GNU/Linux system, you can control everything that goes into your system ranging from the packages to their versions to services and a whole lot of other things as well. Most Linux out there are generic in nature, meaning they are built to run on most systems possible.

This makes them accommodate a lot of things, actually a lot more than that might be actually needed by you or your computer like kernel modules and services like samba etc. This is one issue that source based distros address.

Secondly when you build the system from scratch on a particular computer, the compiler optimizes the object code for that hardware, thus the System you end up building is the best possible system that you can get because its built in your system, by your system. This gives a little bit of performance boost as well.

The objective for AryaLinux is to foray into other hardware as well like smart phones, Raspberry PI etc in near future and provide a stable system that would free one from the cycles of updates, upgrades and bloat.


AryaLinux latest update release notes:

Released 32 and 64 bit versions of AryaLinux 2016.04 builder disk. This version is based on the latest SVN version of the LFS and BLFS books. Unlike the This builder disk fixes a lot of bugs in the previous builder disks and enhances and speeds up the build process through usage of multiple-processors if available. This builder DVD ships with a lot of scripts not covered in the LFS/BLFS books like programming stacks, Mate Desktop Environment etc.

In their latest update, AryaLinux did the following:

  1. Updated all packages to the latest development of LFS and the current development version of BLFS systemd.
  2. Upgraded Mate to 1.12.0
  3. Fixed a lot of broken features with alps like selfupdate, clean and updatescripts
  4. Eliminated boot time warning messages
  5. Incorporated dracut to facilitate the creation of initrd. Initrd is more stable now.
  6. The same set of scripts can be utilized to create both 32 bit and 64 bit systems.
  7. Scripts now run faster owing to the usage of ccache and MAKEFLAGS
  8. Added support for UEFI systems. Though as of now the builder/live disks cannot boot from a UEFI BIOS, AryaLinux can be built from within Ubuntu/Mint/Any other Linux installed in a UEFI BIOS based system.
  9. Tested on GPT based Drives and tested successful.
  10. Added script to create Live Disks from the generated system
  11. Blueman is back with Blueman Applet and has been tested OK. The blueman shipped with version A15 was buggy.
  12. Inconsistent build issues were coming up due to toolchain and final system being built on different systems. So had to bring back the whole toolchain building proecss. No more binary toolchain.
  13. cache script
  14. Added audacious in favour of banshee. Banshee was too much hard work owing to the vast number of dependencies and primarily dependencies of unmaintained packages.
  15. Replaced brasero with xfburn because brasero was resulting in way too much gnome dependencies.
  16. Few build scripts like sane and alsa-plugins ask for the username and add it to the corresponding group that they are creating.
  17. Rewrote new installer.
  18. Most packages now build on multiple CPUs, including toolchain and base-system.
  19. Plymouth bootsplash now shows up while booting, thanks to dracut. It makes initramfs creation a breeze.

Download AryaLinux: http://aryalinux.org/downloads.php


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09 May 2016

Casanova Visits Postnet of Shorewood!

Casanova visited Postnet of Shorewood this past Thursday. Postnet is a printing, marketing, and shipping company located in Shorewood, Illinois. Postnet delivers small business solutions that can help to grow your business. Anything from printing business cards, fliers, newsletters, and custom branded merchandise, Postnet delivers. Postnet also offers postal services and is a drop-off and pick-up location for all the major shippers. They also host P.O boxes for small businesses which are very helpful, especially for SEO purposes. Postnet offers printing and copy services and can be a huge help as far a marketing your business.

Postnet has college educated graphic designers on staff who all hold bachelor’s degrees in graphic design from accredited universities. This speaks volumes to their ability to serve your graphic design needs. Casanova is currently in talks with Postnet about a potential partnership which would entail Casanova providing web design and SEO services to their customers. If you haven’t visited Postnet yet, we highly recommend that you stop by and see all that they have to offer!

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09 May 2016

The Knowledge Graph – SEO, your Website, and your Business

The knowledge graph was introduced by Google in 2012. It is a way for information that you are searching for to be presented more easily as opposed to looking a SERPs, or search engine results. The knowledge graph for businesses (which we at Casanova refer to the “business showcase”) is huge for representing your business interests online. If your business doesn’t appear in the knowledge graph, then you are seriously losing out. How do you get into the knowledge graph? The three major search engines, Google, Bing, and yahoo, each have their own knowledge graph (But they have different names) and methods for entering it. Google my business is the way to enter the knowledge graph for Google. Google my business allows you to enter business information and to get a google+ page for your business which does wonders for your SEO. Bing Places is the way to enter the knowledge graph for Bing. These tools are paramount to your businesses’ online presence and should not be overlooked by any business.

The knowledge graph is aimed at semantic search with three main goals: answer, converse, and anticipate. The Knowledge graph seeks to become a robot that humans can talk to get information and to learn. Where do you stand with understanding the knowledge graph and how it relates to your business?



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08 May 2016

Linux Distro To Try: React OS

ReactOS is a free and open-source operating system based on the best design principles found in the Windows NT architecture.

Written completely from scratch, ReactOS is not a Linux-based system and it shares none of the UNIX architecture. The main goal of the ReactOS project is to provide an operating system which is binary compatible with Windows.

This will allow Windows applications and drivers to run as they would on a Windows system.

Additionally, the look and feel of the Windows operating system is used, such that people accustomed to the familiar user interface of Windows would find using ReactOS straightforward.

The ultimate goal of ReactOS is to allow people to use it as an alternative to Windows without the need to change software they are used to change software they are used to.

Download here: https://www.reactos.org/download

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07 May 2016

Libre Office 5.06 Available For Download

In a new announcement by

The announcement read:

The Document Foundation suggests deploying LibreOffice 5.0.6 on a large scale only when backed by professional level 3 support from certified developers (a list available at: https://www.libreoffice.org/get-help/professional-support/). When migrating to LibreOffice from proprietary office suites, organizations should seek professional support from certified migration consultants and trainers, which are listed on the same web page.

In addition, there are companies providing LibreOffice LTS (Long Term Support) versions, with incremental updates, targeted at enterprise deployments.

People interested in technical details about the release can access the change log here: https://wiki.documentfoundation.org/Releases/5.0.6/RC1 (fixed in RC1) and https://wiki.documentfoundation.org/Releases/5.0.6/RC2 (fixed in RC2).

In 2016, LibreOffice Conference will be hosted at Brno University of Technology from September 7th to the 9th.

You can download the latest 5.0.6 update here: http://www.libreoffice.org/download/libreoffice-still/


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coverity#1348468 oox: copy-paste error [Michael Stahl]
rhbz#1149116 Option Collate in printing copies does not work properly [Caolán McNamara]
rhbz#1257635 sometimes LO doesn’t see cups printers [Caolán McNamara]
rhbz#1285356 [gtk3] gtk2 Swing/AWT GUIs in java-based extensions crash gtk3 libreoffice [Caolán McNamara]
tdf#41524 CUPS: printing multiple copies with “Collate” results in multiple system print jobs [Caolán McNamara]
tdf#56270 FILESAVE: ODT file’s OLE objects are lost when you export to DOCX format [Michael Stahl]
tdf#56544 FILEOPEN: Lock file is not created on samba share (via gvfs) [Stephan Bergmann]
tdf#59699 RTF: INCLUDEPICTURE image not shown [Miklos Vajna]
tdf#61511 problem Background rtf [Miklos Vajna]
tdf#65642 RTF import: page number are incorrect [Miklos Vajna]
tdf#65695 Export as JPEG missing something [Chris Sherlock]
tdf#76741 FILESAVE: DOCX Table Width Type and Alignment is not preserved [Miklos Vajna]
tdf#82781 writer crashes in page preview when reducing number of pages due to hidden format [Caolán McNamara]
tdf#85523 Extra blank lines added to comments after each save as .DOCX [Miklos Vajna]
tdf#85690 Modification of X-Axis set Y-Axis Auto scaling from 0 [Laurent Balland-Poirier]
tdf#85761 Exporting jpeg format from DRAW, resolution does not follow options setting [Chris Sherlock]
tdf#87034 FILEOPEN RTF: Superscripts are run together [Miklos Vajna]
tdf#87178 DIALOG: Reset menus in Customize dialog resets toolbars as well [Maxim Monastirsky]
tdf#87530 can’t add password to macro library [Michael Stahl]
tdf#88453 Writer: huge table cell table layout issue [Miklos Vajna]
tdf#89505 FORMATTING Tab Handling in automatic table of contents [Oliver Specht]
tdf#90812 FILESAVE: XLSX run paragraph property of text is missing after roundtrip. [Katarina Behrens]
tdf#91762 Inserting table has incorrect row heights [Xisco Fauli]
tdf#92296 Character formating (bold, underline, color etc) corrupted when save as xlsx [Katarina Behrens]
tdf#92454 DOCX Import: Incorrect display of the headings – numbering style indents [Miklos Vajna]
tdf#92720 EDITING: Report-Builder – Report fails to open with Charts in a Report [Michael Stahl]
tdf#92963 Pasting a whole row with data crashes all open LibO apps [Arul Michael]
tdf#93196 Switching spreadsheet tab triggers crash, no data provided [Eike Rathke]
tdf#93637 PDF export missing ToC page numbers [Justin Luth]
tdf#94009 FILESAVE: DOCX – Margins not preserve [Michael Stahl]
tdf#94370 Very slow previewing of (or blank, invisible..) master pages – resizing panel refreshes them instantly [Katarina Behrens]
tdf#94392 SLIDESHOW: Scrolling in Slides causes crash in basebmp polygon rendering (linux only) [Caolán McNamara]
tdf#94738 UI: Mismatching “Styles and Formatting” icon at toolbar and sidebar (Galaxy theme) [Yousuf Philips]
tdf#95213 second level numbering turns bold in .DOCX export [Miklos Vajna]
tdf#95226 IFERROR not working correctly under array-evaluation [Eike Rathke]
tdf#95376 Tab stops incorrectly indented by 5cm when it’s 0cm in MS Word [Miklos Vajna]
tdf#95421 Cannot move object by dragging its anchor icon. [Regina Henschel]
tdf#95428 Deleting inserted code from object catalogue hangs office [Caolán McNamara]
tdf#95709 [DISPLAY] Presentation mode renders graphics wrong [Armin Le Grand]
tdf#95977 EDITING: Image moving and anchoring erratic behavior on text body style [Bjoern Michaelsen]
tdf#96075 Frame and image alignment buttons not using correct tooltips [Samuel Mehrbrodt]
tdf#96175 FILESAVE: Imported custom properties missing from exported RTF [Miklos Vajna]
tdf#96308 FILEOPEN RTF incorrect tab spacing on table [Miklos Vajna]
tdf#96326 FILEOPEN: RTF checkbox size too big and checkbox shows as selected [Miklos Vajna]
tdf#96687 Characters are not displayed in GTK textbox until Enter is pressed – IME-input (Japanese,…) is not shown on Properties|Description|Comment. [Justin Luth]
tdf#96807 Automatic log scale inefficient for values less than 1 [Laurent Balland-Poirier]
tdf#96910 EDITING – Crashs using “insert column left” for large documents with concatenation [Yogesh]
tdf#96922 EXPORT to GIF, PNG, EPS: background transparency is lost [Armin Le Grand]
tdf#97051 Writer crashes on saving document with header or footer after using page style dialog [Oliver Specht]
tdf#97139 LibreOffice unresponsible after entering | symbol in particular document [Oliver Specht]
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tdf#97331 Crash conditional formatting, when scrolling on Icon set [Caolán McNamara]
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tdf#97481 DPI scaling doesn’t work with export to png or jpg [Chris Sherlock]
tdf#97601 Accessing chart data through API results in infinite redraw loop [Miklos Vajna]
tdf#97808 FILEOPEN: arrowheads added to lines within groups [Michael Stahl]
tdf#97897 Recalculate does not always work [Eike Rathke]
tdf#97942 CTRL+SHIFT+SPACE not available under Tools>Customize>Keyboard [Yousuf Philips]
tdf#97960 FILESAVE DOC Does not preserve the font size in empty tables [Justin Luth]
tdf#98001 File/New, Recent documents, Wizards cannot be disabled [Oliver Specht]
tdf#98052 FILEOPEN: bad rendering of .WMF image in .ODT when OpenGL enabled [Marco Cecchetti]
tdf#98083 “Wrap text automatically” setting is forgotten when a file is saved in XLS or XLSX [Katarina Behrens]
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tdf#98987 Layout: shapes imported from DOCX handled incorrectly [Miklos Vajna]
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tdf#98990 Defining a named range for complete column or row results in broken expression (Formula syntax = ExcelR1C1) [Eike Rathke]
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tdf#99100 DOC import: STYLEREF not imported even in case it can be mapped to chapter field [Miklos Vajna]
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tdf#99140 DOCX import: table at the bottom of the page doesn’t span over multiple pages [Miklos Vajna]
tdf#40863 Bitmap Background exceeds shape borders when PRINTING or PDF EXPORT [Armin Le Grand]
tdf#73973 Add Plains Cree language to LibreOffice [crk-CA] [Eike Rathke]
tdf#79679 EMF: dashed lines in background grid are rendered as solid lines [Chris Sherlock]
tdf#94449 Changing the paragraph style removes index entries. [Oliver Specht]
tdf#96172 Crash in layout SwSectionFrame after opening particular document [Caolán McNamara]
tdf#98366 Not working preview the galleries created with LibreOffice version 4.4 or newer. [Caolán McNamara]
tdf#99172 Basic import/export of dialogs ignores vertical alignment of text boxes [Vasily Melenchuk]
tdf#99224 PPTX filter: image with text is lost on export [Miklos Vajna]
tdf#99322 Error in Calculation after cut and paste (need hard recalc) [Eike Rathke]
tdf#99450 EDITING: Crash on close file after File> Insert> Media> Photo Album [Julien Nabet]
tdf#99462 CRASH after deleting photo album caption box [Julien Nabet]

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06 May 2016

WATCH: ICYMI, See What’s New In Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial Xerus

Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Xenial Xerus officially released by canonical. This release brings many changes and improvements. Powered by long-term supported Linux kernel 4.4, Unity as default desktop update to version 7.4, allowing users to moving the Unity Launcher to the bottom. Features option to ‘Always Show’ app menus in menu bar or locally, Add Session shortcuts to unity dash, replace ubuntu software center with GNOME software and more…


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