04 May 2016

Phone Repair Joliet

Phone ☎ repair in Joliet, Il is a necessary service. #casanova provides this service to Joliet residents. There are many places to go to get your phone repaired as the phone repair industry develops. Many get their phones repaired by work from home enthusiasts, phone stores, and even sites like battery plus, who have added the service. 

At Casanova, we have always valued the role of technology in the lives of our community. We believe that phone repair is important for many reasons. Your phone is a computer and probably the most important electronic device in your life. When your phone’s screen is cracked, little particles of glass get embedded in your fingers which can be a health risk, especially for children. 

It’s also important to get your phone repaired given that your phone is a dangerous object. There are dangerous toxics in your phone and it is electronic and combustible. Having a working phone is important to keeping you safe. 

If you need phone repair. Always bring it to Casanova. 

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03 May 2016

Casanova Joins the Plainfield Chamber of Commerce

Today, Casanova had it’s Ribbon cutting with the Plainfield Chamber of Commerce. We were delighted at the support given from the community. Casanova Information Services directly supports the village of Plainfield with many services ranging from Computer Repair, IT Support, Web Design, and SEO. Our Shorewood location currently serves the Plainfield area. We definitely look forward to bringing our computer repair services and many other services to the citizens of Plainfield. When there is a need in the community, Casanova is dedicated to fulfilling that need. There is currently not many options for computer repair and general IT services in Plainfield. We are currently looking for a location that is central to town so that we can best serve the entire village.

Thanks for your support Plainfield Chamber of Commerce!



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02 Apr 2016

Computer Repair in Plainfield Illinois

Computer repair in Plainfield, Illinois is a very much needed service. Currently there are no computer stores in Plainfield. There aren’t any stores that exclusively sell computer parts. Yet there is a huge need. Plainfield is a rapidly growing town with an above average household income. Plainfield is boarded on the North by the very successful City of Naperville. Naperville also has had a dearth of computer stores, although that has changed recently.

A look at the Village of Plainfield’s economic development site shows an above average spending inclination amongst the citizenry of Plainfield. This shows that there is a dire need amongst the residents in Plainfield for a computer store. Although the computer repair market isn’t as strong as it once was, computer repair is still a service that is in demand.

Casanova is the premier computer repair service provider in Plainfield, although Casanova’s Shorewood location is very accessible to Plainfield’s residents, this is not the best scenario for citizens. Casanova always look to serve the community as best it can and is now investigating the best location for a Plainfield proper, office.

We believe that an office location within the official boundaries of the village will provide citizens optimal access to computer repair services. Plainfield citizens are very educated and tech savvy and need a place to purchase memory, have their computers repaired, and have viruses removed.

Casanova is looking forward to making computer repair more accessible to Plainfield proper.

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28 Feb 2016

How much does SEO cost?

SEO can either come by way of organic processes or by way of an optimizer. Deciding on whether you need to pay for optimization can be a huge decision. Are you looking to be optimized locally in your town? Are you looking to be optimized locally in your town for differnet keyword searches? Are you looking to be optimized more for regional searches? These questions leans on you decision of choosing your optimization plan. Regional plans are usually the best given that many businesses don’t serve just the municipality that their business is located in but the surrounding municipalities as well. Google wants to find your business in your respective municipality. If Google hasn’t found you yet, then you definitely need optimization as there could be some issues preventing them from gaining access to your information.

Standard prices tend to be in the range of $750 a month. Wow, some would say; that’s the price of a mortgage. But advertising has never been cheap. And while the price coild be similiar to print advertising, the rewards have the potential to be much better. SEO puts your information in front of your potential customers. When they search for things that you target with you optimizer, then they get your website on the front page.

Many SEO companies charge considerably less for many reasons, according to Toronto SEO Specialists, Thunder Rank. Once people understand what SEO is, they want SEO. But many small business owners won’t want to pay $750 a month for SEO. Given this, many companies lower prices in two ways. They frustratingly lower their prices for the same quality of service to say, $250 a month. This is disastrous for the industry. A true SEO campaign starts out, at the very least, with 40 hrs of works for the first month. SEOs with more experience and better tools can mitigate time management to achieve the same results, but your average SEO needs to spend this amount of time to kick off the campaign.

$250 / 40 = $6.25

That’s less than minimum of wage in many areas. The reason that this is disastrous for the industry harbors on the idea that low pay lowers the quality of the work creating both disgruntled SEOs and unsatisfied customers.

The second method to lower prices is to provide a service that requires less time and less resources. So let’s say that for $250 a month, the SEO spends 5 hours and offer to do some very specific things like create 3 keywords, register the domain at a few sites, etc. What this method does is still charge the customer money, but fails to optimize their site. Granted the longevity of the campaign (say $250 a month at 5 hours for a year) will make an impact over the long run, this method is slow and steady and could leave much potential ROI on the table. Considering what’s outline in the SEO agreement, there is a high probability that the site won’t be optimized to what the customer expected. This is also bad as now that customer have no faith in the merits of SEO and will be more skeptical in the future.

Everyone wants the number one spot! We, as SEOs can’t promise that. But we allude to having the potential to do so. However, for less money, are we alluding to having the potential to give the customer the ninth spot. The implications are destructive for a healthy industry.

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11 Feb 2016

SEO in Plainfield, Joliet, and Shorewood

Area and regional SEO is very important to a local businesses growth. To underestimate the value of optimization is to significantly leave out a huge part of your marketing campaign. Local optimization ensures that your business is known locally for searches. With ubiquitous smart phone use, most people are looking down instead of up. Having a website that is easily found via a mobile device generates leads. Optimized content geared toward niche audiences leads to ROI in big ways. In the Areas of Plainfield, Joliet, and Shorewood Illinois; there is ample opportunity to take advantage of SEO. Many industries in the area have not optimized their sites nor their content. Companies in this region may be able to gain advantage over there competitors by taking advantage of an SEO.

Local SEO

Local SEO for Plainfield, Joliet and Shorewood for your Web Design needs

Social networking, media campaigns, SEO; have been huge for the last 8 or so years, and are becoming more important than ever moving into 2016. Many large scale companies offer SEO services, however, some may be too large to provide adequate assistance. As we move more into the area of the semantic web, SEO become more complicated, personal, and niche based. Having a neighborhood SEO that knows the area, knows the business, and who is assessable for intimate conversations about your website and your business is optimal when looking optimize your site.

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06 Feb 2016

Age Old Virus Scam, Beware!

There have been many Internet users who have fallen victim to virus scams recently. The virus that is the most scary is the fishing virus, which takes control of your computer and holds it hostage. It then asks you if you would like remote IT support. The unsuspecting individual will then proceed to give their financial and network information to the scammers. The scammers purport to fix the issues on your computer. However, just like with most scams, the scammer continues to squeeze the victim for every penny. A few weeks, months, etc. down the line, and they will be back to ask for more money. The virus was never removed from your computer. It’s still there, ready to be used when the scammer wants more money. Beware! If you run into these issues, call a professional.


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06 Feb 2016

SEO – 2016

SEO, in the world of 2016, is ever more of a pressing issue. Digital real estate is very important, especially to a business. The measure of a website’s success is typically based off ROI. One of the best investments that a business can make is in it’s digital real estate. SEO not only improves search rankings, but it also improves usability of a site, along with functionality and design. An SEO’s insistence on search and page rankings allow for a more concise site that it is readable by the search engines, and thus, more readable by the human engines. To create a website specifically for business and without utilizing SEO can be damaging to the business.


Casanova – SEO

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06 Jan 2016

PC Gaming Now!!!

PC gaming had been around for a very long time. But for many it has been a niche. The console has dominated for decades as the platform for your average gamer. Price point is a huge inhibitor. To really get into PC gaming you need at least a GTX 960 which costs about $200 bucks. A nice set of headphones, a decent gaming keyboard and mouse, a decent monitor – here GamingBuff recommends Asus, Acer, AOC and BenQ, Windows license, XBox PC controller, and you’re at at least at $1000. However, while the barrier to entry is high, the rewards are even higher. Your experience will be more complete as you will have access to far more games than what the console provides. You also have a full blown computer at your disposal which can give you access to more content and more productivity than you’d get on the current generation of consoles. If considered were any better, they’d just be computers. The current consoles are locked down computers as they are.

PC Gaming

Computer Repair for PC Gaming

Pc gaming is something that once you get into it, you won’t go back. It’s a totally different world than what the uninitiated is used to. As your horizons expand you will find yourself enriched in a new culture that provides ample opportunity for growth and learning. You will defiantly become more techy and tech savvy.
If you haven’t done so already, get yourself a gaming computer.
-Casanova Information Services-
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06 Jan 2016

VPN for everybody

A VPN is a “Virtual Private Network.” VPNs are used to allow for private internet use. Most VPNs cost money while some are free. However, you get what you pay for. Why would an average Joe want a VPN? VPNs can be used for online shopping, private internet searching, and for private messages to friends, colleagues, and clients. VPNs are one of the last lines of defense in a world where privacy is compromised at every second. There are many tutorials accessible for how to purchase VPN service and which services provide the best bang for your buck.

Do you need a VPN???!!! Absolutely!
Casanova Information Services
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15 Jan 2015

Seamlessly enable multimedia based technologies

Synergistically supply global testing procedures through ethical scenarios. Assertively develop empowered customer service and sticky leadership. Enthusiastically parallel task principle-centered portals via multimedia based scenarios. Synergistically negotiate dynamic total linkage after sticky information. Objectively monetize 2.0 manufactured products and open-source web-readiness.Dynamically recaptiualize corporate “outside the box” thinking with worldwide e-commerce.

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