31 Mar 2016

Why People Start Blogs & Three Reasons To Start Your Own BLOG!

Blogging was not just something that I stumbled across and started doing. When it came down to blogging, it was a matter of when I wanted to start and what did I want to blog about. When blogging you’ll always find yourself pondering questions such as, “am I wasting my time,” or “is anybody even going to read this crap?”

Well, throw those two questions out of your head right now.

Blogging should be stress free, after all it’s done mostly in the comfort of your own home whenever you have some “me” time. Worrying over those questions would just add stress and strain to some.

Another stress can be over what you may be blogging about, but believe it or not many people use blogs to do any of the following:

  • To Help Others by raising awareness and addressing social or political issues.
  • Establish themselves as experts on the topics they cover, varying from video games and movies to business and the economy.
  • Express their own thoughts and voices on situations and want others to hear them.
  • Or the most likely reason, to make a profit. Many people make a profit off of their blog. No matter what niche the blog is in, profits will always come when there is traffic coming to the blog.

There are many more reasons behind why people start blogs, but those are just a few that fuel their decision to ultimately start blogging.

In this article I will address my own three reasons why I believe people should start their own blog, so without further a do.

There is money in blogging

That may sound like such a breezy and easy job to most, but believe it or not blogging is not as easy as it may seem. In order to get the money going, you have to build an audience for yourself. In order to build an audience you have to develop quite a following for your blog and make sure you distribute your posts and promote you and your blog all over the web, through SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and all forms of social media you may or may not be active on such as Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIN, Pinterest and more.

That’s not even the end to that, in most as in almost the entirety you have to get your site a registered domain and end up spending money to get yourself set up, sort of like investing in yourself. After that is said and done, through Google Analytics and Adwords and any other form of revenue generating sources you can find, will the $$$ start coming in for your blog.

It’s easy as 1, 2, 3

Blogging takes little to no experience at all to get yourself going. Although blogging can be looked upon as journalism, you don’t need any degree in journalism to get started blogging. Many people love blogging because there’s no one over your shoulder telling you what you can or cannot write. That being said there’s really no boundaries in writing on your own blog. You can have your blog up and running in 10-20 minutes just by starting up with WordPress and getting everything together on a Host, such asHostGator. With just about $30-50 dollars you can be on your way to something that can ultimately end up as a success for you, just depends on how devoted and determined you are about it and what you’re audience enjoy.

Blogging is a project

No matter which way you look at blogging, it is indeed a project. Blogging can ultimately bring out the creative side in a person, whether it’s through them designing their own website, designing their own logos and banners, or even the writing behind their content. Blogging can help you discover a part of yourself that you may not have known existed until then. Never shy yourself on trying something new, especially with a low cost project like blogging. If you can’t invest in yourself then who can you invest in?

Blogging allows you to discover more to the world, such as social media, servers, web host, other blog owners, how media and publishing works and even the field of journalism itself. There’s really no downside to blogging, everything points to you getting recognized more and more by individuals who are just like you.

In this article I covered the reasons on why people ultimately decide to end up blogging, as well as my own three reasons on why I feel every one should take up hobby of blogging.

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