27 May 2016

10 Reasons Why SEO Is Important To Your Business

Ever wondered what was the difference between your business either appearing on the front page of a Google search, or on the uncharted territories of the second and third and so on pages?

The answer to that, is SEO.

SEO means Search Engine Optimization and is all about trying to rank higher in search engines. To rank higher you make changes to your website that make it easier for search engines to understand your content and how to make that content easier for others to find.

Enough about what SEO does, time to dive into ten reasons why SEO is vital to your business website and why you should invest in SEO.

1. SEO Is In Fact An Investment

Believe it or not SEO is a vital investment to your company. It’s an investment that in short will bring a high reward. You become aware of keywords and tags that have better conversion rates for your company and in turn will get you on the first page of Google’s Search Engine. When done correctly, SEO will bring tremendous results and better your website traffic and more will see your content or service.

2. SEO Goes Hand In Hand With Your Marketing

Although SEO is powerful, it wouldn’t be the only tool at your disposal. SEO can go hand in hand with your social media accounts, branding and other marketing strategies. If you combine these strategies and use them all together the amount of traffic you’re content receives is endless.

3. Increase Website Traffic

SEO can help your product or services get to consumers who are eager to have it, as well as reach the consumers who had no idea something like this exist. Increasing your site traffic can impact your online sales in a big way as well. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as well as SEM (Search Engine Marketing) offers you customized search engine strategies.

4. Your Competitors May Already Be Using SEO

You may knock SEO off as an useless tool if you want but believe it or not your competition may already be using SEO, meaning any potential online consumers that could have been your next customer is more than likely in the hands of your competition.

Let’s be honest, who actually clicks to the second or third page of Google to find things? Do you? Highly unlikely.

Here’s a quote by a Search Information Architect:

Academic research indicates that 91% of searchers do not go past page 1 of the search results andt over 50% do not go past the first 3 results on page 1. (Using the Internet: Skill Related Problems in User Online Behavior; van Deursen & van Dijk; 2009). I believe that Google’s own research supports the finding that the top of page one is where its at placement-wise.

Even more evidence to why you want to be in at least the top three spots on Google is because of the chart below:


Yes the top 1 spot on a Google search engine will receive about 33% of the traffic. So ask yourself why is it that way as well as whether or not that person is using the right SEO tools vs 4 thru 10?

5. SEO Can Put You In The Drivers Seat

Now the opposite of if your competition has SEO vs you not having it is you having SEO and your competition not having it.

Imagine a head start in SEO, meaning if you have the jump on your competitor, you’re already in the driver’s seat. People will see your content and product or services first.

6. SEO Increases Everything About Your Business

SEO is your trump card. It can increase your impact drastically by getting your content, services or products in front of your targeted eyeballs.

This is also the big reason why you should really want SEO to be handled by professionals who know what they are doing and how to get the job done.

They will ensure that your website appeals to the right audience as well as receive traffic from a great portion of it.

7. An Investment in SEO Is Free Advertisement In The Long Run

SEO lets you dictate how your business should be featured on search results. Think of it this way, once the content is on the internet it is out there for billions of people to see and believe it or not it will be out there forever. People are always searching for information on things and you will always find more and more people discovering your content through search engines years down the line. All because of what? YOUR INVESTMENT IN SEO FIVE YEARS AGO.

8. SEO Goes Hand In Hand With Social Media

If your company does not utilize social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube, Google+ and more, then you are already at a lost. You will need these outlets to reach more and more people and different audiences.

Content shared by users on social networks are directly related to SEO tools such as title tags and meta descriptions. So every retweet, every facebook share or photo posted is all helping your content reach more and more people.

9. SEO Builds B2C Trust

Let’s face it, which company will you trust more? The company that is on the front page of Google search engines or the one that is on the third?

Placement is everything to be honest, it can make your business stronger and more recognized (learn more about SEO services for Mississauga). This should be a goal you want to reach when people search for your business through relevant words and phrases.

People will see your business at the top and automatically assume that you are indeed the best.

Your website’s title and meta description tags can relay a powerful statement that strengthens your company, while helping spread the marketing message that your company has gone over in your marketing strategy.

10. SEO Helps You Offline As Well

A WebVisible/Nielsen study in 2008 found that 86% of consumers use the Internet to find local businesses from which to buy offline.

Your company should not ignore online marketing and SEO. It will be a major help towards building a great company that consumers trust and rely on for content, products and great services.

Think of that online content, product or service as your salesman that never sleeps or that never check off the clock. It will always be there driving in more consumers both online and offline.

SEO is a great tool that many may see as a business cost, in reality it will be a big investment that pays off hugely for the company and potential consumers.

Help guide those lost consumers to your business today.

Need SEO services? Hire Casanova Information Services, we offer top notch SEO services.

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25 May 2016

Tammy Barvian of Barvian Realty

This week Casanova became acquainted with Tammy Barvian of Barvian realty. Barvian realty handles both residential and commercial realty in the Plainfield, Illinois area.

Barvian has more than 8 agents on staff with tons of experience to help you sell/buy a home or to manage your real estate property and to make sure the client was able to find it here too.

Barvian submits all their properties to the MLS with a virtual tour. Barvian is a forward thinking realty company that incorporates technology to help you sell your property. They handle 24/7 Internet marketing on 82+ websites (like zillow.com), they display a sign with QR code & instant text information, and create you tube videos and face book pages for all their listings. We were particularly excited about the SEO potential of Barvian Realty’s use of technology and can’t wait to see what other technology that Barvian Realty will incorporate next. Maybe Augmented Reality?

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10 May 2016

Jodi Knows Homes visits Casanova | SEO | Web Design 

Jodi Heifner-Divierto of “Jodi Knows Homes” visited Casanova last week. We had an extensive conversation about realestate, SEO, and web design. We even discussed some new technological developments in the Augmented Reality space and how that will affect the realestate market. 

Check out Jodi’s website at: http://www.jodiknowshomes.com
Augmented reality provides many visual aids and supplemental information for realtors to provide to potential buyers. Imagine holding your phone up to a beautiful cabinet in a home and getting a video or other information on the cabinet. Or even holding your phone up to a yard sign and watching a 360 video and tour of the inside of the home!

We also discussed SEO and how important it is to the real estate market. Contracting a seo marketing company provides any business owner, especially a realesate agent, the ability to get their information in front of their customers online. 

It appears to be a seller’s market in the Naperville-Plainfield-Oswego and Will county area. If you are looking to sell your home contact Jodi at her website:


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28 Feb 2016

How much does SEO cost?

SEO can either come by way of organic processes or by way of an optimizer. Deciding on whether you need to pay for optimization can be a huge decision. Are you looking to be optimized locally in your town? Are you looking to be optimized locally in your town for differnet keyword searches? Are you looking to be optimized more for regional searches? These questions leans on you decision of choosing your optimization plan. Regional plans are usually the best given that many businesses don’t serve just the municipality that their business is located in but the surrounding municipalities as well. Google wants to find your business in your respective municipality. If Google hasn’t found you yet, then you definitely need optimization as there could be some issues preventing them from gaining access to your information.

Standard prices tend to be in the range of $750 a month. Wow, some would say; that’s the price of a mortgage. But advertising has never been cheap. And while the price coild be similiar to print advertising, the rewards have the potential to be much better. SEO puts your information in front of your potential customers. When they search for things that you target with you optimizer, then they get your website on the front page.

Many SEO companies charge considerably less for many reasons, according to Toronto SEO Specialists, Thunder Rank. Once people understand what SEO is, they want SEO. But many small business owners won’t want to pay $750 a month for SEO. Given this, many companies lower prices in two ways. They frustratingly lower their prices for the same quality of service to say, $250 a month. This is disastrous for the industry. A true SEO campaign starts out, at the very least, with 40 hrs of works for the first month. SEOs with more experience and better tools can mitigate time management to achieve the same results, but your average SEO needs to spend this amount of time to kick off the campaign.

$250 / 40 = $6.25

That’s less than minimum of wage in many areas. The reason that this is disastrous for the industry harbors on the idea that low pay lowers the quality of the work creating both disgruntled SEOs and unsatisfied customers.

The second method to lower prices is to provide a service that requires less time and less resources. So let’s say that for $250 a month, the SEO spends 5 hours and offer to do some very specific things like create 3 keywords, register the domain at a few sites, etc. What this method does is still charge the customer money, but fails to optimize their site. Granted the longevity of the campaign (say $250 a month at 5 hours for a year) will make an impact over the long run, this method is slow and steady and could leave much potential ROI on the table. Considering what’s outline in the SEO agreement, there is a high probability that the site won’t be optimized to what the customer expected. This is also bad as now that customer have no faith in the merits of SEO and will be more skeptical in the future.

Everyone wants the number one spot! We, as SEOs can’t promise that. But we allude to having the potential to do so. However, for less money, are we alluding to having the potential to give the customer the ninth spot. The implications are destructive for a healthy industry.

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13 Feb 2016

10 Simple But Important SEO Tips

SEO - Web Design and Development Basics

OK, so you’ve chosen your keywords. Now you’re ready to start creating the content of your awesome website, right?

Woah, not so fast! Back it up a little. SEO is an art, but it’s also a science. There’s a few things you want to map out before you pen your first article.

1. Pick one main topic for your site to maximize SEO

Search engines are clever programs, and it’s not difficult for them to determine when your site is unfocused. However, if the search engines determine that your site is focused and authoritative about a topic, then it will rank much higher than its less focused competitors. Making your site about one clear topic will also make it far easier to do keyword optimization. Your topic can be in your domain name, site title, within the names of post categories and mentioned frequently across articles. When your website lacks focus, it will be difficult or impossible to do this level of keyword optimization. Rather it is likely that no keywords will stand out, giving your site a uniformly low ranking without a very high number of inbound links.

Of course, this is not to say that your site cannot be about other things. It can. Just don’t place emphasis on those other topics.

2. Link to other pages on your website

Internal links serve three main purposes on a website:

  1. Internal links aid in the navigation of the website.
  2. Internal links define the architecture of the website.
  3. Internal links spread link juice throughout the website.

Suffice it to say, having strategically distributed internal links is excellent for both SEO and site usability.

A solid internal link strategy will look like the following;

  • No page should be more than three clicks from the homepage.
  • Use relevant anchor text for internal links. Don’t over-optimize.
  • The homepage should limit its links to the most important second-level pages.
  • Use breadcrumb navigation to make following these tips easier.

3. Include your SEO keywords in your permalinks

The default permalink format of most content management systems is pretty bad. Not only are the schemes ugly, they are terrible for SEO. URLs such as http://www.example.com/?p=2 or http://www.example.com/10/22/2015/ may be convenient for CMS programmers, but not for search engines. These permalinks give no indication as to what the content is about. Even http://www.example.com/seo_posts/10/22/2015 is a huge improvement.

4. Speed up your website

Google PageSpeed Insights for SEO

An example of running Google’s PageSpeed Insights on a webpage

Your page loading speed has an effect on your rankings, especially on Google, so remove any bottlenecks to your site speed. Besides, your visitors will appreciate any speed improvements you make to your website. Patience isn’t exactly commonplace on the web. Run Google’s PageSpeed Insights on your webpage and see if you could stand to make some improvements.


5. Provide rich answers to questions on your website

SEO rich answer

Rich answers to questions may just reward you with a free highlighted place in Google’s search results. While right now, rich answers appear in only about 20 percent of the queries used to trigger them, this is likely only to increase in the future.

6. Engage your vistors

Let’s be real. User engagement matters when it comes to rankings. If users are regularly interacting with your content, search engines are going to pick up on this, and they will see your content as relevant and of high quality, adjusting your position accordingly.

There are tools one can use to tailor one’s content to what gets the visitor to respond. SumoMe Heatmaps stands out in my mind. By creating a graphical view of where users are clicking and on what they are clicking, the content can be modified for topic and visibility to improve CTR.

SumoMe Heatmaps for SEO demo

Here’s a little demo of SumoMe Heatmaps

7. Avoid “black hat” SEO practices

Make no mistake, they can still work, but they are an extremely short-lived solution that will hurt your rankings long-term. Search engines are much more intelligent than they were in years prior and have recognized that sites with tens of thousands of spam links on unrelated sites are likely spammers and penalize them for this practice. Professional SEO specialists are happy to provide effective, long-term solutions for improving your ranking.

8. Create useful and relevant ALT tags

Sean Work has excellent advice for how you should write ALT tags.
Indeed, that is their one of their actual purposes, but I think many do not keep that in mind when creating them, if they create them at all–which they should.

9. Add deep links to your site

Rest assured, your homepage and Contact Us pages are your most visible. They don’t need any help. Now your content a few levels down, it could use some assistance. Create links to deeper content on the upper levels to improve their visibility. Deep links are also more natural when doing content marketing. This is important because you are writing for humans first, not web spiders.

10. If your content management system has a related posts/articles plugin, use it

This will improve user engagement which, as we noted, is important for SEO. Using such a plugin is also an easy way to automate generation of relevant internal links and improve time-on-site. If a user was interested enough to click on and read through a post or article on a topic, it is very likely that they will willing to click on a link to a post or article on a related subject, keeping them browsing.


Always remember that structure of your content and how it is presented is every bit as important as the content itself when it comes to SEO

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11 Feb 2016

SEO in Plainfield, Joliet, and Shorewood

Area and regional SEO is very important to a local businesses growth. To underestimate the value of optimization is to significantly leave out a huge part of your marketing campaign. Local optimization ensures that your business is known locally for searches. With ubiquitous smart phone use, most people are looking down instead of up. Having a website that is easily found via a mobile device generates leads. Optimized content geared toward niche audiences leads to ROI in big ways. In the Areas of Plainfield, Joliet, and Shorewood Illinois; there is ample opportunity to take advantage of SEO. Many industries in the area have not optimized their sites nor their content. Companies in this region may be able to gain advantage over there competitors by taking advantage of an SEO.

Local SEO

Local SEO for Plainfield, Joliet and Shorewood for your Web Design needs

Social networking, media campaigns, SEO; have been huge for the last 8 or so years, and are becoming more important than ever moving into 2016. Many large scale companies offer SEO services, however, some may be too large to provide adequate assistance. As we move more into the area of the semantic web, SEO become more complicated, personal, and niche based. Having a neighborhood SEO that knows the area, knows the business, and who is assessable for intimate conversations about your website and your business is optimal when looking optimize your site.

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06 Feb 2016

SEO – 2016

SEO, in the world of 2016, is ever more of a pressing issue. Digital real estate is very important, especially to a business. The measure of a website’s success is typically based off ROI. One of the best investments that a business can make is in it’s digital real estate. SEO not only improves search rankings, but it also improves usability of a site, along with functionality and design. An SEO’s insistence on search and page rankings allow for a more concise site that it is readable by the search engines, and thus, more readable by the human engines. To create a website specifically for business and without utilizing SEO can be damaging to the business.


Casanova – SEO

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