01 Apr 2016

Three Ways To Increase Your Business/Individual Twitter Followers

In this article, we look at a few key ways to bring more traffic and followers to your Twitter account.

1. Hashtag, Hashtag, Hashtag?

Yes that’s right this little thing (#) can gain you more followers, if used correctly of course. The bright side of hashtagging is you making certain words more findable and it’ll stand out. If someone clicks the hashtag or search the word your tweet will show. Hashtagging is like promoting yourself. Down side is, some people tend to over use hashtags.

2. Be an active Tweeter

That’s pretty obvious, if you want people to consistently follow you and engage in your twitter feed then Tweet, and do it frequently. People don’t want to follow a account that last tweeted months ago, trust me I’m the same way. They’ll think you’re not active on twitter and likely won’t follow back. Which leads me to number 3.

3. Follow users, and follow back

Although your Twitter page may look cool to you if your following as little people as possible, following back users and following first could help you gain followers as well. Users are always looking to score on a follow for a follow deal on Twitter.


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30 Mar 2016

Three Ways to Grow & Maintain Followers on Social Media

With the age of social media still upon us, many people and both small businesses an large ones are turning to social media to:

A. Grow their audience.

B. Get discovered more easily.

C. Campaign

D. Share and create more products as well as recruit talent for some.

Although the task of growing an audience may be simple to big name brands and others, it’s quite a long and effort filled tasks for most. So I decided do some research, bought Instagram likes for initial testing on my account, and to look up a few quick ways on how to grow and maintain followers on social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr and more.

1. Provide Content That’s Rich in Vaue

Let’s face it, nobody likes boring content or content that your targeted audience can’t even relate to. If you’re looking to grow, follow your niche. Post content that provides valuable insight and interest to your audience and they are sure to retweet, share, and view the content.

In turn you’ll see more engagement towards your social media account and people will likely talk more with you on the content.

In this case you can also consider the quality over quantity rule. You can be as active as ever with your posts/tweets and pins posting as many as you can but if it lacks quality, nobody is viewing them.

2. Get active

If your on social media just to view posts from your competitors or keep tabs on them, that may not be a good idea and odds are you’re not growing much with your social media accounts.

Billions of people use social media each and everyday and if you’re not actively on your accounts then odds are your missing chances and opportunities to grow and connect with more and more people each day.

As you’re looking to build an audience, the more active you are the more people will see your account pop up and notice your tweets, posts, and pins and are more likely to engage with them. These people in return can become your audience and will likely be the ones sharing your content if it’s of interest to them.

3. Start Engaging With Your Engagers

By that, I mean engage with the people who support your posts an tweets. For example if someone retweets one of your tweets or pictures and comments about it, why not respond to that tweet and either comment back or thank them. The more people see you engaging with your audience the better your social media accounts look and the more likely others are to engage with you and even the followers of the person who shared it would engage with you as well.

Take it upon yourself to build these relationships with people online and over time you never know what connection can lead you somewhere.

The more engaged you are with your audience the more you’re trying to build your support system, show thanks and gratitude by sharing things with them and providing them with valuable content.

There are many relationships I have made with people online that to this day I appreciate and has gotten me to different places in life.

Practice these ways over and over and you may see increases in followers and your audience in due time. Remember with social media everything takes time and doesn’t happen over night.

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