08 Apr

According to Demographic, Ubuntu Powers Almost Everything

According to an article on Ubuntu.com, a demographic was posted with research done that shows the powerhouse of Ubuntu.

According to the article, the streaming service Netflix, the transportation service Uber and even the International Space Station all run on Ubuntu.

The list doesn’t stop there, with other major names such as Dropbox, Tesla and even Snapchat.

To celebrate our upcoming 16.04 LTS we wanted to shine a bit of light on how many people in the world actually use Ubuntu. As users aren’t required to register their installation, devices are pre-loaded with the software and servers powered by Ubuntu – this means it’s not as easy to track users. However the reality is, hundreds of millions of  PCs, servers, devices, virtual machines, and containers have booted Ubuntu to date and are in use!

The demographic was created by Ubuntu blogger, Dustin Kirkland of the Product team.


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