29 Apr

Linux Distro To Try: GMac Linux

This week’s Linux Distribution to try is GMac Linux, a Linux distro that’s main purpose is to imitate OS X.


Basically Gmac Linux is a Mac themed Gnome based Linux distro, hince the name Gmac which is a combination of Gnome and Mac.

This was the announcement by the developer after the name change from Pear OS to Gmac.

Friends ,
with project growth and the entry of new developers and designs , we will again change the name and system appearance.

I would like to thank all of you who helped and tested all along the system .

The name is now Gmac (Gnome + Mac)

More screenshots of Gmac:

Screenshot from 2016-04-09 10:54:30 Screenshot from 2016-04-09 10:54:44


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