31 Jul

Linux Distro To Try: Parsix GNU/Linux


Parsix GNU/Linux is a live and installation DVD based on Debian GNU/Linux. The project’s goal is to provide a ready-to-use and easy-to-install operating system based on Debian’s testing branch and the latest stable release of the GNOME desktop environment. Extra software packages are available for installation from the distribution’s own software repositories.

Rock solid stability of Debian in combination with desktop-performance optimized kernels for 32 and 64 bit systems, will provide a wonderful system experience.

Timely releases every six months. We have two annual major and two to four minor releases. We support in place and smooth upgrades from older versions to the newer ones via the package manager system or DVD media.
Parsix have four software repositories enabled by default. Official repositories contain packages maintained by our project and built on our build servers. Continent repository is a snapshot of Debian’s stable branch. Wonderland repository which contains multimedia related software packages, is a snapshot of Debian Multimedia repositories. Security repository contains security updates maintained by project.

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