01 Sep

Linux Distro To Try: Remix OS


Remix OS is an operating system based on Android-x86. Remix OS merges the Android operating system with a PC/desktop style interface with a traditional desktop application menu.

Remix OS Developers released an announcement on the update:

Remix OS for PC version 3.0.203. Optimizations for the Gaming Toolkit app: key mapping on the taskbar area when the taskbar is hidden is now enabled; fixed a bug where black screen appears for a few seconds when Gaming Toolkit is opened; fixed a bug where the floating button disappears when it’s being dragged; fixed a bug where the floating button sometimes becomes non-responsive when it’s clicked on; fixed a bug where the animation of closing the floating button repeats a couple of times when being closed; feature added that allows key mapping for F1-F12 keys; feature added so that Gaming Toolkit will automatically restart if it crashes. Other major change: added support for 32-bit UEFI installation.

How to install Remix OS:


Download Remix OS: https://sourceforge.net/projects/remix-os/files/

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