19 Jun

Linux Distro To Try: Zenwalk Linux


Zenwalk Linux (formerly Minislack) is a Slackware-based GNU/Linux operating system with a goal of being slim and fast by using only one application per task and with focus on graphical desktop and multimedia usage. Zenwalk features the latest Linux technology along with a complete programming environment and libraries to provide an ideal platform for application programmers. Zenwalk’s modular approach also provides a simple way to convert Zenwalk Linux into a finely-tuned modern server (e.g. LAMP, messaging, file sharing).

This is most probably the final release candidate for the upcoming Zenwalk 8.0.

This pre-release ISO should be at 99% the stable target, you will get latest Libreoffice 5.1.3, latest Chromium 51, Mplayer 1.3, ffmpeg 3.0.1, latest Slackware current system (many upstream packages updated) featuring the Linux kernel 4.4.13, and a new desktop layout for XFCE 4.12.

Lately, system tools have been heavily improved to fully integrate Policykit privileges elevation features, enabling the unprivileged user to tweak many system parameters that require root ownership : you can now change your user password from the XFCE Panel by just entering your previous password, you can set the Xorg keyboard layout without root privileges, set your locale, set the login manager settings, set system clock, etc…). All these features can of course be hardened with Policykit to disallow automatic privileges elevation for users.

Thanks to Didier Spaier for some good advices about installer improvements, you will hopefully find it more straight forward, while remaining completely in the Slack spirit.

If you need the plethora of Slackware network servers and applications from the start : please note that you can download an original Slackware (or support the Slackware project at https://store.slackware.com/cgi-bin/store), then install the latest set of Zenwalk 8.0 packages (“z” serie of packages) on it, then reboot : you will get a genuine Zenwalk system minus the “one application per task” cleanup.

A complete list of changes will be available soon at https://distrowatch.com/

have fun

ISO is available from some zenwalk mirrors :
http://download.zenwalk.org/x86_64/8.0/ … 8.0RC2.iso
http://zen-repo.meticul.eu/x86_64/8.0/z … 8.0RC2.iso
http://slackware.uk/zenwalk/x86_64/8.0/ … 8.0RC2.iso


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