07 Feb

Linux Distro To Try: Zorin OS

With more and more people looking for alternatives to Windows and MAC OS on their computers, the ever growing Linux world is always the next best option. With many people making the switch, some tend to look for an alternative but one that reminds them of Windows and/or Mac OS.

One that resembles Windows closely but is a Linux operating system is Zorin OS. Zorin’s latest version is Zorin OS10 and a video review of Zorin OS10 can be found below:

The video is of Zorin OS10’s Release Candidate.

There also is a video of a guy showing what appears to be a preview of Zorin OS11:

Here are five reasons to switch to Zorin OS10:

User Friendly and Familiar

Zorin OS are designed specifically for newcomers to Linux operating systems. Thus offering an experience many will find familiar to Windows and Mac OSX. It seems with each Windows release there’s a Zorin release that’s similar to it right around the corner.

Customizable to Your Experience

2014-10-05-173344_1366x768_scrotYou can customize your Zorin OS interface and the look and feel to how you want it, whether that’s resembling Windows XP, 7,8 or even 10 or whether it’s throwing in a dock and resembling Mac OSX. The entire Zorin OS interface is customizable and can be very useful for people who want a user-friendly and familiar desktop. Windows 7, Windows XP and GNOME 2 interfaces are available in the free versions of Zorin OS.



Gets You Familiar With Ubuntu

Users can customize Zorin OS and get familiar with using a terminal as well as a side dock bar familiar with Ubuntu users. So while having an user experience that’s familiar to you, you’ll be getting a new experience into the world of Ubuntu.

Software Center

Zorin’s software center features tens of thousands of apps just waiting to be installed onto your computer. Many apps enhance your experience and make your productivity and everyday tasks much easier. From Office softwares such as Libre Office to Banshee music player, Zorin Software center is the place.


The ability to have more than one workspace on your desktop at once is beyond great. You can get more done while not having to declutter and close apps. Instead you can open them in workspace 2 or workspace 3 if need be and continue working while effortlessly switching back and forth.

Zorin OS is complete with man features and an experience many can’t beat. If you’re tired of laggy Windows 10 or your Mac OSX system why not dual boot Zorin OS on your computer?

Zorin OS can be installed here.



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Comments (2)

Cornel Darden Jr.
February 7, 2016 Reply

I definitely like to suggest Zorin to new converts.

    William Brooks
    February 7, 2016 Reply

    Definitely, the ease of switching distros is a breeze compared to the endless updates and more of Windows. Zorin gives the experience without the "experience".

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