27 Feb

Linux Distro to Try: Linux Mint

With more and more people looking for alternatives to Windows and MAC OS on their computers, the ever growing Linux world is always the next best option. The most popular solution when people are switching tend to be Linux Mint.

Linux Mint is arguably the best Linux distro and even is great for first time Linux users.

Here are four reasons to switch to Linux Mint.

No antiviruses, more secure

With Linux Mint, you won’t need to install any antivirus software onto your computer. Linux is known for it’s secure features and the terms virus and antivirus are but a myth in the Linux World.

Compatibility with low-end hardware computers

Got an old computer lying around that runs slow with Windows Vista, or 2000 or any other Windows Operating system of that matter? Well Linux Mint can be the upgrade to that old pc that you need. Linux Mint runs on just about any system regardless of the hardware and specs of that computer.

More customizable and looks better


When it comes to customizing your experience and desktop, Windows doesn’t stand a chance against pretty much any Linux OS. Whether it’s KDE, Cinnamon, Mate or Gnome, Linux is fully customizable to your liking. You can always find something that fits your choice or customize it to what you need. Windows restricts this to only changing colors, backgrounds and it pretty much stops there.

Hassle-Free updating and system startups

When using Linux I noticed a big difference in the speed of my computer starting up. Linux boots right up and I be ready to login within seconds.

That’s another positive with Linux OS. One more positive would have to be updating your Linux OS.

You will be regularly notified that updates are available. These updates include both system and security updates as well as available updates for different applications installed onto your PC.

Making the switch to Linux is probably one of the better choices I’ve made in my years of technology/computers. Linux Mint has never slowed down on me yet nor has it crashed.

Thinking about making the switch to Linux? Contact our Casanova team and get started loving your PC.



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