24 Apr

Linux Mint 18 Will Feature Cinnamon 3.0

The popular Linux Mint desktop Cinnamon was tagged as a go by developer Clement Lebefvre on the Desktop’s Github page.

It should be rolling out with Linux Mint 18 later this summer, Linux Mint 18 will be codenamed ‘Sarah’.

To view the changes in Cinnamon 3.0, view the chanelog below.

Cinnamon 3.0 Changelog:

* add option to show/hide favbox in menu applet
* Added new default application buttons
* show panel-launchers actions
* tab indents into space indents, more item without dots
* Move sound settings to python as a native module
* Add a custom page to display when no input devices are available or applications are currently playing. Add a custom settings box for the sound effects page to prevent getting a very tall window when opening the settings. Make a few tweaks to the test sound dialog and add the relevant icons.
* Some visual tweaks to the sound settings:
* Sound settings: add mute to all volume controls
* cs_sound.py: Few fixes to the volume slider/mute button:
* layout.js: Remove code for interaction with the screensaver. It was always broken until 2.8.7, where I ‘fixed’ it, and has caused some reported regression where the panels will be hidden after returning from the screensaver.
* cs_sound.py: add padding to the end of stream names in applications page
* Viber stealing focus fix
* magnifier.js: update the lens size as well as shape when we turn on lens mode.
* Generate new desktop files for sound and accessibility
* Touchpad settings: Rename “natural scrolling” to “reverse scrolling direction”
* Fix middle click action in the photo frame
* photoframe: recurse subdirectories
* Sound settings: Fixed device not showing when its icon isn’t found (fixes bluetooth devices not showing up)
* Power settings: Don’t add the Gtk.Stack if it’s empty (Fixes https://github.com/linuxmint/Cinnamon/issues/5194)
* Power settings/applet: Let the user rename battery powered devices
* Power settings: Fix power bars not being aligned
* Startup settings: Fix https://github.com/linuxmint/Cinnamon/issues/5199
* tooltips.js: hide if the stage’s key focus changes – prevents tooltips from becoming stuck if you use the keyboard to switch focus (hit the menu key while a window list preview is showing.)
* cs_keyboard: Add a “wide” style class to the pane separator in the shortcuts page and remove some unneeded padding so this looks a little nicer in most newer themes
* effects: Enable effects on dialogs and menus by default
* Sound applet: Correctly identify changed artwork from Spotify (and add support for new URLs in version 0.27.x)
* Theme settings: Don’t filter themes missing gtk-3.0 if they provide gtk-3.*
* show multi line descriptions in applet about: Fix #5193
* Sound applet: Use wget to download remote artwork covers
* layout: Tweak the handling of menus in the top_window_group to match muffin changes
* Cinnamon Settings: Fixed gi.require_version warnings
* Cinnamon Settings: Remove a couple of old debug output
* Cinnamon Settings: Retire cinnamon-bluetooth (replaced with Blueberry)
* Revert “St-texture-cache: Don’t monitor file changes (should increase performance, might cause regressions in cases where the St texture needs to be refreshed following a file change)”
* panel-launcher: Fix an undeclared variable warning
* Fixed cinnamon slideshow error (Issue #4280)
* Adjust to Muffin API changes for handling fullscreen windows
* Extensions: Fix the “Disable all extensions” not working
* Updated generated files
* Updated pot file
* Packaging: Bumped internal dependencies

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