20 Apr

Manjaro GNOME 16.04 Development Edition Released With GNOME 3.20

Manjaro GNOME developer Stefano Capitani announced the release of Manjaro GNOME 16.04 Development Edition.

Hi community  :D , the new ISO of future Gnome 16.06 is out . Is called 16.04-Dev because released now and based on our unstable branch  >:D  ( If you want you can switch in the stable or testing branch of course  :) ) and minimal because size is almost around 1gb  ::)
See screenshot but nothing change .. only the theme now vertex-maia-theme ( all dark ) and maia-square icon ( thank you at my friend oberon (Bernhard) to hard work and at Rob ( also you are my friend  ;) ) to create the skel for manjarification (vertex-theme  ^-^ )

There were official screenshots included into the post:

5cnktv.jpg 143eu1e.jpg dypqif.jpg

Not much has changed since the last update and release.

Included in the update were:

Plymouth gnome theme by oberon
mediaplayer indicator
removable drive menu
and little else

You can download the ISOs https://sourceforge.net/projects/manjarodev/files/users/Ste74/Gnome/Dev/

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