06 Feb

SEO – 2016

SEO, in the world of 2016, is ever more of a pressing issue. Digital real estate is very important, especially to a business. The measure of a website’s success is typically based off ROI. One of the best investments that a business can make is in it’s digital real estate. SEO not only improves search rankings, but it also improves usability of a site, along with functionality and design. An SEO’s insistence on search and page rankings allow for a more concise site that it is readable by the search engines, and thus, more readable by the human engines. To create a website specifically for business and without utilizing SEO can be damaging to the business.


Casanova – SEO

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February 6, 2016 Reply

Every one relies on the internet these days to find businesses. When you type in a google search for "carpet cleaners near me" or "Chicago BBQ restaurants," you're likely going to click on the links of whatever few sites pop up first. If your website or business name is not showing up anywhere on the first page, you're not getting the SEO you need!

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