• “Computer repair is an art form”

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Virus Removal

Virus Removal is very important

We conduct full Virus removal services for $90. We completely remove any viruses from your computer and simple Data backup is usually free for malware and virus infected PCs. We only charge for data backups when the data has been corrupted or compromised in someway.



Computer Diagnostics

Diagnosing Your Computer

At Casanova we always provide a solution. We use our design techniques, company standards, and scientific tool-set, to properly diagnose your PC issues. Diagnostic Fees are $50. However, if you decided to go ahead with the repair, then the diagnostic fee is applied to the cost of the repair making diagnostics free!



Custom Computer Builds  

Hardware Installs

Custom computer builds are still an effective way to purchase a computer. Custom builds save you money on computer repair over the long run as you have a machine built with better quality parts, you control exactly what goes in it, and custom builds provide better compatibility potential and potential for upgrades.


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