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Remote IT Support

We provide Remote IT Support because we understand that our customers and members of the community require working information resources to keep their businesses running. Remote IT Support is vital for businesses that don’t need in-house IT Support or that want to supplement their in-house IT Support. Casanova provides Remote IT Support and Remote Management Services for your business that provides you with a piece of mind.

On-Site IT Supoort

While our  Remote IT-Support services may serve you well, sometimes On-Site Support is needed an may best suit your needs. We provide On-Site Support for our customers and members of the community because we understand that many issues require a face-to-face solution and we are eager to help our customers solve their information issues.   Our On-Site Support Services involve trained and knowledgeable staff that can tackle any issue or problem that your company may have.  Whenever an issue can’t be handled remotely, we will send a technician out to service your needs.

Service Contracts

We provide IT Service Contracts to give our customers and assurance that their needs will be met and their IT infrastructure monitored 24/7. For most businesses and organizations, a Service Contract is the ideal way to keep their processes and business running smoothly and efficiently. We have Service Contract plans optimized for any business of any size.

Emergency Calls

We provide Emergency Service Calls because we know our customers and members of the community need some one that they can count on. We are always on standby nor matter what time of day, day of the week, or day of the year. Whether it’s in the middle of the night, or on a holiday. Casanova is always prepared for an Emergency Service Call from our business partners or members of the community.( Our Emergency Services are provided for at a premium rate above our normal service rates).

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