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We not only design your website, but we manage your digital assests.

SEO, Web Design, and Web Development. We take a content and ROI driven approach to the digital real estate that you entrust in us. We manage the online presence of your business by providing you with a modern design and system for managing your site’s content easily.

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Responsive Design

Responsive Web Design across devices


Responsive sites, Responsive Designs

Design functionality Guide

With the “Internet of Things,” your website deserves a design that can be represented anywhere. Whether on a traditional desktop browser, a mobile browser, or a browser on a dedicated device, your site should be represented intelligently everywhere.



Comtent is King

Content is king. When designing a website the content is more important than the design. The content, essentially becomes the design.


Content Curation

Curator of the web

“Content is king,” is our saying. While a nice design goes a long way in improving your digital realestate, content is VERY important in achieving an ROI. As the web evolves, semantics play a larger role.



Semantic Web

Web design has entered a new phase, the semantic web.


Web 2.0

Semantic Web

Web design has dramatically changed in this second decade of the 21st century, while web 2.0 is by far not a new concept, we have now achieved and environment where Web 2.0 is commonplace and is an expected solution. Standardization, usability, interactivity, etc., are paramount when utilizing your digital real estate. The ultimate ability of your web site to engage or even provide ROI is the goal for many holders of digital realestate and at Casanova we aim to help you engage and get those returns. As we move forward, we are embracing the transition to web 3.0!


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