21 Mar

Solus OS Linux Integrates a Budgie Desktop

Solus OS developers has announced that the new Solus 2.0 will feature a budgie desktop that will be fully customizable.

The next version of the Budgie Desktop comes with many new features including support for enabling and disabling desktop icons, support for tweaking fonts for “Window Titles,” “Documents,” “Interface,” as well as “Monospace,” Bluetooth support, and the ability to use multiple audio input and output devices on your computer.

With Apple going wireless with their headphone jacks, it’ll be nice to see if computers follow suit and go entirely wireless with headphones and audio devices sooner or later.


Among an updated budgie desktop, developers have also added updated applications such as Mozilla Firefox 45.0.1, Mozilla Thunderbird 38.7.0, Nmap 7.10, Transmission 2.92, YouTube-dl 2016.03.14, Git 2.7.3, and Atom 1.6.0.

Be sure to update your Solus OS system now and don’t miss out on all of the new features and updates.

To check out Solus OS, visit: https://solus-project.com/


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