07 Sep 2016

Liveblog: Apple Live Event 2016 (UPDATES)


Following their tradition of unveiling new Apple products in September, Apple will be hosting an event that always take the tech world by storm.

This year’s event is being streamed live from the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in Downtown San Francisco. From what we know so far,  people are awaiting the following:

  • IPhone 7, as well as what color options will be available.
  • A new Apple watch.
  • Launch dates of IOS10, and new Mac Operating System.


Amazon leaked some details about the IPhone 7 on their website.

The company unveiled some new cases for the IPhone 7, and in the pictures it all but confirmed there will be dual cameras on the IPhone 7.


Tim Cook opens up the stream informing viewers of updates with Apple Music and the Apple App Store.

Over 140 Billion apps have been downloaded in the App Store and Apple have currently seen a 106% YoY growth.

Following that announcement, Cook stated that more games are downloaded in the App store than any other digital store. Also the App store features over a million different games.

Nintendo Releases Mario Game To App Store:


Nintendo has been holding out on bringing their games to app stores for years.

Apple IWork

Apple IWork is revamped with real time editing and collaboration so you can update and edit documents with friends and co-workers.

Bye Bye Google Docs.

Apple Watch:


Jeff Williams unveils a new swim proof Apple Watch through an exciting trailer for the watch during the live stream.

It will be called the Apple Watch Series 2, and will feature Watch OS3.

This smart watch can go up to 50 meters deep in water, it will feature re-designed speaker system.

Apple + Nike, new Nike Apple Watch geared towards runners. The watch will be called the Apple Watch Nike Plus.


Apple Watch 1st gen will be named Series 1 and will be priced at $269.

Apple Watch Series 2 and Nike Plus will be priced at $369 and will be released in late October.


IPhone Updates, IOS10:



Best Apple Iphone ever made:

  • New design, jet black finish. Rose Gold, Gold, Silver.
  • Home button redesign, more responsive and real time feeling. You can now to quick actions and get feedback for messages and notifications and ringtones.
  • Water and Dust Resistant Phone.
  • Brand new Iphone Camera system. (Larger aperture lens, High speed senser, 60% faster, Quad-LED, 50% More light, updated Image signal processor in 25ms)
  • 7MP front facing camera, and 12MP back camera. The IPhone 7 Plus will feature two 12MP Back cameras.
  • New stereo speakers on the IPhone 7, one speaker at the top and one at the bottom.
  • Apple wants to connect headphones through lightning port instead of a 3.55mm analog port, but an adapter is available with the IPhone 7 so users can use analog as well.
  • Apple wants the audio experience to be accessed wirelessly between your device and headsets. This will be done with the new Apple Airpods.
  • Apple Pay will be updated to work with maps and while calculating your travel and destinations, you can pay automatically with Apple Pay through your phone or Apple Watch.
  • New A10 Chip powering the IPhone 7, performance will be ran at maximum and is 50% faster than A9. Graphics is 240x faster than he first IPhone.



Better Display On IPhone 7.


Apple Stereo Speakers.


Apple AirPods.


IPhone 7 and IPhone 7 Plus


IPhone 7 will cost $649.


The IPhone 7 Plus will cost $749.


IPhone 7 and 7 Plus will be available September 9th.

IOS10 Release Date:

IOS10 will be available September 13th.

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10 Jun 2016

What is the tech ecosystem?

What is a tech ecossytem

What is an Ecosystem


I have been a huge fan of the Apple ecosystem for a while now, and I still am. I first want to explain what an ecosystem is and why it is so important. An ecosystem is a collection of software and devices that help to allow for a seamless OS experience. It allows the information user to easily store and retrieve information as well as represent it from any device anywhere. A person fully committed to the Apple ecosystem may have the following devices:

iPhone 6s Plus

Macbook Pro

Apple TV



Airport Extreme


While it may seem as simple as “buy everything that apple makes and you will be better off,” there is more to it than that. The operating system is very important. There was always opportunities to buy every product line up that a company produced, what changed was the internet and the cloud. Cloud connectivity and apps created the ecosystem. This allowed one to store there information on one device and access it on another. It allowed for using an application on one device, and then picking up the work on another device. This was a huge game changer, and many don’t fully appreciate or even realize the value in ecosystems. It’s the software which really defines and ecosystem. I will argue here that for an ecosystem to be developed in its most rudimentary form, there must be a few key software integrations. Let’s take Apple for example. The following software is key to apples ecosystem:



a browser, Safari


productivity software (in the cloud)

Without these basic components, the ecosystem doesn’t really fully exist, and the cloud is the one critical component that brings it all together.
Thus if there were a proper way to name such ecosystems, it would be the name of their respective clouds that should be used. For instance, instead of the Apple ecosystem, we would have the icloud ecosystem; instead of the Windows ecosystem, it would be the OneDrive ecosystem; instead if the Android or Google ecosystem, we would have the Google Drive ecosystem. This begs the question, does Samsung have an ecosystem? Does LG have an ecosystem. Well the term has been used loosely to describe many similar things, but not quite what we’re talking about here. Do we need a new term? As we discuss this issue in further posts, we will establish some well thought out definition and term to define what is being described here.

An ecosystem is software driven and focused and there must be a cloud at it’s center as a driver and engine, to hold all the software together – to be complemented by additional programs like Canada’s best facility management software for business needs, etc. Device classification is important too, especially as the internet of things become more ingrained; but only important as far as software is concerned. For hardware is only a tool of software. It’s the software that is the most important. We will continue to explore the ecosystem, what it is, what defines it, etc….

Windows Ecosystem (OneDrive)

Windows Ecosystem

Windows Ecosystem

Apple Ecosystem (iCloud)

Apple ecosystem

Apple ecosystem

Google Ecosystem (Google Drive)

Google ecosystem

Google ecosystem


Ubuntu Ecosystem (No Cloud!!!!!! Where is Ubuntu One!!!!!)

Ubuntu Ecosystem?

The Ubuntu Ecosystem?




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