12 Jun 2016

Antergos Repo Updates To Include The Latest MATE, Cinnamon Packages

It was announced Sunday, June 12th that Antergos Repos will update to include the latest MATE and Cinnamon packages.

Antergos announcement read:

The package manager (pacman) reads a configuration file to determine which software repositories to use for installing and updating packages. The order of repositories in the configuration file matters; repositories listed first will take precedence over those listed later in the file when packages in two repositories have identical names, regardless of version number. In the past, during new Antergos installations, the antergos repo was appended to  /etc/pacman.conf so that it would appear after all other repos in the file. At the time that decision was made we didn’t see any need to insert our repo before the Arch repos as we had no plans to package anything that was already being packaged by Arch and we couldn’t think of any scenarios where we would want/need to do so.

Fast-forward to today and circumstances have changed. We’re not going to go into all the details here, but suffice it to say we have decided to package the latest versions of MATE and Cinnamon until such time it no longer makes sense to do so. However, in order for existing Antergos users who installed their systems more than a month ago to receive the updated packages automatically, the priority of the Antergos repo must be changed in /etc/pacman.conf. We’ve created a special package to assist those affected users with this change so that it is as quick and painless as possible. Though it will still require some manual action from the user. For complete details check out this wiki article.


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