02 Jul 2016

WATCH: Deepin 15 (Linux)


Deepin 15 is the latest stable release of Linux Deepin, released and announced by Deepin Developer on December 24. this release based on Debian SID, uses linux kernel 4.2 and features the latest version of Deepin Desktop Environment 3.0.

Another features of deepin 15, the Control Center and Dock components are now fully pluggable, the Upstart init system has been removed and systemd has been added in its place, the GTK+ 3.18.6, Qt 5.5.1 and GCC 5.3.1 packages have been added, and the default shell is now Bash instead of Zsh

Deepin 15 release announcement : http://bit.ly/1RXkNQ2
Download Deepin 15 : http://www.deepin.org/download.html

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