16 Jul 2016

UPDATE: Elementary OS 0.4 Releases Beta 2

The Elementary Team has released the ISOs to Elementary OS 0.4 ‘Loki’ Beta 2.

The official announcement read:

Even though it’s only been a short month since Beta 1, we’ve already fixed over 70 issues that testers have reported to us. Beta 1 testers, make sure to run your updates to receive the following fixes plus everything else listed on this page:

Some of the fixes listed are configuration changes and will not be available to Beta 1 testers as updates. In order to receive the full list of fixes, we highly recommend doing a clean install to test Beta 2.

Now that Loki Beta has been publically released, you’re probably wondering what the next steps are before the final release.

They stated in the announcement that the next goal will be to tackle the Release Candidate 1.

You can download Loki Beta 2 here: https://elementary.io/developer


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14 Jun 2016

UPDATE: Elementary 0.4 ‘Loki’ Developmental Beta Released

The Elementary Blog announced the developmental Beta release of the new Elementary OS 0.4 Linux distro, codenamed Loki.

The announcement read:

This release brings tons of fixes and new features for both users and developers. Over 20 blueprints were implemented and over 800 issues closed. Time to break it all down and reveal what the future holds for the next version of elementary OS!

Beta Means Beta

If you’ve never tried beta software before, there’s something very important you should know: beta quality software is not finished and contains known issues.

The purpose of releasing a beta is to give developers time to update their apps prior to stable release, give our translation teams time to translate, and give our documentation teams time to update documentation. Beta represents a more-or-less feature-complete release, but it does not represent a stable release. So if you decide to install Loki Beta, hold onto your butts because things are going to be a bit bumpy.

Loki is being built with the Ubuntu 16.04 LTS repository, which means it comes with Gtk 3.18, Vala 0.32, and Linux 4.4 as well as a multitude of other updated libraries.

One of the significant new features is the removal of tools which make it easy to (accidentally) install software which has not been vetted.

Some major known issues with the beta release are listed below, of course it’s not a beta release without any beta release issues.

Major Known Issues

It wouldn’t be a beta without some of these! For a full list of Loki-targeted issues, see the RC1 Milestone. Here’re some of the big ones:

DOWNLOAD THE BETA RELEASE HERE: http://elementary.io/developer

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28 Apr 2016

Elementary OS 0.4 Announced, Based on Ubuntu 16.04

The next release of the Elementary OS distribution will be version 0.4 and codenamed Loki, it will be based on the Ubuntu 16.04 LTS operating system.

The announcement on Elementary’s Blog read:

With the recent release of Ubuntu 16.04, the inevitable flood of “When is Loki coming?” posts have begun pouring in. So here we are to help answer the question that some of you know the answer to already, “When it’s ready ;)”. But what exactly does that mean? How do we (and you) know when the 4th major release of elementary OS, code named Loki, will be ready to use?

and then another part of the announcement read:

Currently, elementary OS releases are built using the Ubuntu package repositories (repos). At the beginning of the cycle, we choose a target repo to work from. For Loki, that repo is Ubuntu 16.04. We set up a daily repo where we build our source code against that Ubuntu repo. Sometimes things build straight away and sometimes builds fail because of things like API breaks. We find the causes of the build failures and update our source code until everything compiles.

A beta version of Elementary OS 0.4 is in the works, and it will be coming soon with big promises of many many new features.

Will Elementary 0.4 Loki return as the most beautiful Linux distribution?


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