23 Jun 2016

Mark Shuttleworth Not Sure Other Linux OSes Will Download Snaps From Ubuntu Store

Mark Shuttleworth, Founder of Ubuntu, said in an announcement that snap packages aren’t tied to a specific Ubuntu store.

He informed developers that they can develop their own stores for snap packages and more.

The announcement read:

Hi folks

Since this question has come up a few times and the common answer keeps
missing the point, let me have a go.

The snap *format* is not intrinsically tied to a store. You can stand up
a snap on a system regardless of how it arrived at that system. So the
current store implementation is not particularly relevant, and would not
be a good starting point.

The simplest approach would be to focus on delivering a snap to a system
over HTTPS. Since there are no complex dependency maps, you don't need
the same sort of sophisticated infrastructure that APT or Debs or RPM
do, you just need a webserver and wget.

I think we should do this in the snap code itself so it is more obvious
to people, because folks are hung up about the delivery of snaps from
Ubuntu. I would not expect other distros to want to fetch snaps from
Ubuntu unless there were useful snaps for them there, snaps could easily
be served from Debian.org.

In a sense, snaps are being punished for being ahead - of course there
is a sophisticated store in Ubuntu, we've been doing mobile and IoT and
commercial stores for several years. But that's no reason to denigrate
snaps themselves, quite the opposite.



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26 Apr 2016

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