24 Jul 2016

WATCH: Overview UbuntuQT 16.04


This is a custom Ubuntu ISO build for development and testing of the latest LXQt code. It uses the LXQt ppa, so there is some risk of explosion (but in my experience is very stable). I tried to get the best Qt applications available, which in my taste means some KDE apps. THIS IS NOT AN OFFICIAL ISO.


This is my personal preference, it is a very minimal style, but LXQt can be tweaked to look as whatever you like.

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22 May 2016

Quick Look At The Budgie Remix 16.04

Budgie Remix 16.04, the unofficial Ubuntu flavor built on top of the Budgie desktop environment created by the amazing team of developers from the Solus Project, based on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and powered by Linux Kernel Series 4.4.

Here’s features that added in Budgie remix 16.04 : Center the clock applet on the panel, add the Plank dock by default, GNOME Calendar the default calendar app, add the Arc or Vertex themes for the Plank dock via its preferences dialog and moree

Budgie Remix developed by David Mohammed, HEXcube, SpotTech, Ploctaux, Foggalong, and udara-u3,


Budgie is a shell for GNOME, Budgie Remix 16.04 ships with GNOME Settings.

Other applications included by default include Plank dock, which is used on the left side of the screen and a beautiful theme called Arc by default.
Other applications include:
  • Gedit 3.18
  • GNOME Photos 3.18
  • gThumb 3.4.3
  • Rhythmbox 3.3
  • Totem 3.18
  • Eye Of GNOME (Image Viewer) 3.18
  • GNOME Terminal 3.18
  • LibreOffice 5.1.2
  • Firefox 45
  • Transmission 2.84
  • and various utilities like Calculator, Disks, Calendar and so on.

Download Budgie Remix 16.04 : https://sourceforge.net/projects/budg…

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